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GF #1-2

Phone : 08124625583
Bata Limited is a Czech, Canadian owned multinational footwear and fashion accessory manufacturer and retailer based in Lausanne, Switzerland. A family-owned business, the company is organized into three business units: Bata, Bata Industrials and AW Lab.


GF #14

Phone : (0361) 3350463
Was established in Italy on 2001. The word Bellagio was taken from Italian language, which means “Beautiful Fountain”, Bellagio offers fashion styling quality at value for money prices. All the shoes is produced outside Indonesia – with strict license from Italy.



UG #4

Phone: 087860734686
Berrybenka sells more than 1000 local and international brands, including in-house label products. Berrybenka offers a combination of the latest fashion and beauty products for each diverse personal style.


Color Box

UG #7-8

Phone: (0361) 3351047
COLORBOX is all about having fun in fashion. We consistently offer the newest trends and styles and only the most up to date developments are sourced from around the globe, combining style with quality materials to produce the clothing and accessories you see in the store.


FF #9-10

Phone: (0361) 3351083
EIGER provides three main product categories, namely Mountaineering which is oriented towards mountain climbing; Riding that focuses on motorcycle exploration; and Authentic 1989 which was inspired by the classic style of lovers of outdoor adventure activities embodied in a casual and stylish design.


UG #6

Phone: (0361) 3351053
Providing modern women with stylish attire for casual and professional occasions since 1997, ÉPRISE collections emphasizes on quality materials and fashion artistry.




GF #45

Phone: (0361) 3351087
Fossil Group, Inc. is an American fashion designer and manufacturer founded in 1984 by Tom Kartsotis and based in Richardson, Texas. Their brands include Fossil, Relic, BMW, MVMT, Michele Watch, Skagen Denmark, Misfit, WSI, and Zodiac Watches.



Sf #2

Phone: (0361) 854010342
Fullhardy is a local brand of splendidly crafted leather products with vintage and classy design that received love from people around the world, a leading specialty retailer of quality outwear and accessories. Designed and inspired by creative professionals, each of Fullhardy’s products is handcrafted using best material and full dedication.


gF #10

Phone: (0361) 3351078
Gosh opened its first retail store in Indonesia in 1998. Gosh already has not only 46 shops all around Indonesia, but also we sell our product on several e-commerce. Our stores grasp the concept of modern and fun, combined with a positive and up-to-date fashion atmosphere.
These concepts are constantly evolving to ensure a fresh, surprising, and enjoyable experience for our targeted customers.


UG #31-34

Phone: (0361)  300 3170
KHU Style & Co was founded in 2016 located on Jl. DR. Cipto Mangunkusumo No.26 Block FF No.23 Kesambi Cirebon 45132. KHU Style & Co can compete with other businesses in the Cirebon area and its surroundings, through its reliable products namely Number Sixty ONe, Superhard, CCC, black & white, stasiko. We are ready to provide the best and excellent service for all loyal customers.


UG #15-17

Phone: (0361)  300 3116
Manzone Store is one stop shopping destination for men’s apparel. Manzone started up its flagship store in 2005 with common concept of serving clothing fashion for men in style. Manzone had its own first brands named OLLO and MOC. 


FF #7

Phone: (0361) 3351084
Naughty is the most complete manufacturer and retailer accessories company. This company generally sells various kinds of beauty equipment products. Items for sale such as rings, earrings, and others. Naughty Accessories currently has more than 30 stores and is spread throughout Indonesia.


GF #32

Phone: 085 738767499
Popits Story began in 2008 the first style compilation of flip flops made in America, then in 2009 PT. Hannika Gayathri gets an exclusive distributor for Indonesia. Sold in Jakarta and Bali, and now Popit is available in Surabaya, Bandung, Solo and has expanded to other major cities with up to 35 outlets.


GF #9-10

Phone: (0361) 3351027
As a leading company in sports and lifestyle footwear industry, Skechers USA, Inc. design, develop and market more than 3,000 shoe styles for men, women, and children. Skechers’ success comes from employees, offering a variety of high-quality products, a variety of distribution channels both domestically and internationally, and targeted sales from various sales channels.

Social 1

GF #11-12

Phone: (0361) 300 3168 
Social 1 sells a variety of clothing brands.

Social 1 is able to compete with other businesses in Bali by selling its main products.


GF #5

Phone: 083 – 8779 22 020
SOMEDAY is a revolutionary retail concept store for fashion-forward females. The focuses of providing an accurate collection that is refreshingly urban and current in spirit someday have a unique point of view. We aim to be at the forefront of fashion, always on the lookout for what will be on-trend someday – and delivering it today.

Sox Gallery

FF #39

Phone: 081916431432
Sox galeri is a new breakthrough in the Indonesian world of socks. A new concept of socking designed to fulfill the needs of socking consumers in Indonesia, especially for women fashion lovers. Sox galeri can be a place for women to find the newest and trendy models they desperately need. Our vision is to become a competitive socking fashion outlet in the global market. 

Sport Station

UG #42-43

Phone: (0361)  3351046
Sports Station is a sports equipment retailer that carries world-class sports brand names such as Adidas, ASICS, Converse, Hoka One One, New Balance, Nike, Puma, Reebok, Skechers, and many more. Planet Sports is a creation of PT MAP Active Adiperkasa, Tbk. (a subsidiary of PT Mitra Adiperkasa), which is listed in the Top 100 Global & No.1 Sporting Goods Retailers in Southeast Asia.

The Executive

UG #13-17

Phone: (0361)  3351049
The Executive has expanded into today’s Fashion lead brand. Being part of Delamibrands group, The Executive meets its aspiration over international aspiration with international quality standardization, maintaining its prestige over the mass distribution all around Indonesia.

The little things She Needs

GF #4

Phone: (0361) 3351095
The Little Things She Needs brand was created for girls to understand their hopes and needs to fulfill their fashion and style to the fullest. As our aim to be girls’ best friend and being part of their journey in achieving their dreams, TLTSN tries to embrace girls more closely by following the trend they are interested in.

This is April

UG #20

Phone: (0361) 300 3177
It was April 2012, when This Is April was born. We decided to start to color the world when it was spring where everything was blooming. Our first lady and her daughter also have their birthday in April, so it was such a joyous time for us. Her passion for fashion and also courage from family turn This Is April from dream to reality. We finally provide high-quality fashion at affordable prices for all astonishing women out there.


UG #9-10

Phone: (0361)  300 3192
For those of you who want to look trendy, casual, and girlie, Triset is the answer. Triset products also feature casual and fashionable clothes, so free your nature completely with Triset clothing.

Urban & Co

UG #1-2

Phone: (0361) 3351052
Urban & Co is a women’s accessories product that sells everything from flat shoes, wedges, high heels, to bags. Urban & Co is made with fashionable and casual designs but at an affordable price. Until now, Urban & Co. has had several stores spread across major cities of Indonesia.


GF #3

Phone: (0361)  3351091
Founded in 2012 by Metroxgroup, Wakai is a street style fashion brand inspired by Japan. Wakai products have a timeless design and are comfortable for everyone to use. At present Wakai has been present in 15 cities and has more than 50 outlets in Indonesia. For more information, visit atau

Watch & Co

GF #38

Phone: (0361) 300 3100
At The Watch Co., we believe in empowering individual choice. Our collection consists of some of the watch industry’s most notable boutique labels, each offering its own unique, distinct flair and beyond that, we also offer the latest and greatest accessories that complement your lifestyle.

Watch Engine

GF #42-44

Phone: (0361)  302 1210
Imported multi-brand watches and related accessories, such as Guess, Nautica, Kenzo, Karen Milen, Ben Sherman, Victorinox, Superdry.


UG #21-22

Phone: (0361)  300 3182
Since 1989 “Free Your Nature”